Injuries In MMA Fighting

There are many Injuries in MMA fighting a fighter can suffer

During a fight as well during MMA training, fighters may get injured which can be both short term as well long term injuries. Short term injuries. Those injuries which don't cause permanent damage but take time heal are termed as short term injuries. Broken bones, especially of arm, hands, and shins, are most prone to short term injuries. Long term injuries. Those injuries which cause permanent damage and effect fighter even after the injury has been healed and sustained. Fighters may face pain and discomfort for years after injury on areas like cartilage that protects the joint. Also,  concussions that cause loss of consciousness can cause permanent brain damage if left untreated. Here are 15 worst injuries videos in MMA fighting:


A fighter also suffers death in MMA fight. MMA is one of the violent sports and there have been four records deaths resulting from sanctioned contests and nine deaths resulting from unsanctioned contests. On October 20, 2007, a 35-year-old Sam Vasquez died from an injury sustained in sanctioned mixed martial arts competition. The death was caused due to complications of blunt trauma to the head with subdural hemorrhage. Michael Kirkham, a 30-year-old died two days after a bout in which he lost consciousness when his opponent landed strikes on his head.  The cause of death was listed as "subarachnoid hemorrhage" of the brain.

Deaths in MMA fight


Mental health in MMA is psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment. It has been studied and observed that head is the most commonly injured body part. As a result, fighters were observed to have reductions in the size in their hippocampus and thalamus especially in those who have more than six years of ring experience. On the other hand, fighters with more than twelve years of experience have symptoms like memory loss along with reductions in sizes of hippocampus and thalamus.

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