Strategies in Mixed Martial Arts MMA

The Strategies in Mixed Martial Arts MMA

The Strategies in Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) combat is divided into three broad phases or categories namely:-
1. Striking  
2. Standing Grappling 
3. Ground fighting 
*Striking techniques include punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes and headbutts.
*Standing Grappling techniques includes shoot (single leg, double leg etc), clinch holds ( lateral hold, inside trip etc) 
*Groundwork techniques include position fighting, pin holds submission attack, defenses, striking attacks etc.

As the competition has become tougher and the spirits went higher, the fighters these days cross-train themselves in a variety of style to remain effective and counter their opponent's strength during all phases of a bout. Some of the strategies used by fighters are as follows:-


The Ground and Pound (MMA) is mostly used before performing a submissive hold.  The fighters who are skilled in takedowns and submissive holds mostly uses this style. In this style, the opponent is taken to the ground using a throw or takedown, then maintaining a grappling position and then finally striking the opponent with fists, elbows or hammer fists until their opponent is knocked out or submits. It is a very popular tactic among the fighters only due to its effectiveness and reliability. Cain Velasquez, Fedor Emelianenko are few of the most devastating strikers and practitioners of these techniques.
Ground-and-Pound MMA
Ground-and-Pound MMA


This Sprawl and Brawl (MMA) is used to defend against takedowns. It is a stand-up fighting strategy that avoids ground fighting and consists of effective stand-up striking. The style is mostly practiced by kickboxers, karate fighters and boxers to avoid takedowns. In Amateur leagues, the  Sprawl-and-brawl is mostly practiced. A few examples are Chuck Liddell, Mark Hunt, Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski etc.

Sprawl-And-Brawl MMA


In Submission Seeking (MMA), the opponent is taken to the ground through takedowns or throw and then forcing the opponent to submit with the help of a submissive hold. Grapplers try to attain the dominant position, while others may resort to other positions and find them more comfortable. Most of the disciplines like judo, sambo, catch wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu etc., considers submission as an essential and integral part in the combat. These strategies were popularized by notable fighters like Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie.

Submission Seeking MMA
Submission Seeking MMA


The Score Oriented (MMA) uses takedowns for scoring purpose only by the fighters allowing the opponent to continue the fight. The tactic is utilized by fighters who prefer stand-up fights or by those who have a strong background in wrestling. All score oriented fighters have to master defense techniques and avoid takedowns to win the fight based on the decision.
Score-Oriented MMA

Score-Oriented MMA

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